Wool projects

I imagine this would also be an adorable alternative to real flowers at a whimsical, craft-inspired wedding! It looks like a fast, easy pattern for flowers that will last forever! It is a simple idea and would be really easy to customize.

I have seen some really beautiful sea penny crochet projects which use a random hodgepodge of colors for a very pretty effect. Odds are while you are making them, you will think of even more uses for them. Crochet a picture frame I just love these adorable picture frames!

You can make them in any color you want, and they will look fabulous hanging from the Christmas tree. DIY Instructions and Project Credit — meatisnotasidedish Party flags This is a very cute idea for using yarn scraps in a wide variety of colors.

Over at The Sweetest Occasion blog, you can learn how to make them quickly and easily out of your yarn scraps the pictures show full spools of string cord, but you could easily do this project with leftover yarn.

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DIY Instructions and Project Credit — michaels Crochet beautiful flowers This idea comes from a blog from the Netherlands which is in Dutch, but the author has included instructions in both Dutch and English for these adorable yarn flowers!

A larger number of them like in the photo would make for a really dramatic effect. One pattern which would be great for using up your yarn scraps is this adorable hot air balloon project!

A wedding bouquet that lasts forever—what more could anyone ask for? You can either wear them as they are, or you can fold them down over top of your boots.

These would make wonderful treats for a kitty cat, but filled with stuffing instead of catnip, they would also make a wonderful little plush toy for a child. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

They would make awesome gifts if you are trying to think of something simple, easy, and fun which anyone on Wool projects list will love. Even a child who has no idea how to knit or crochet could do this project with your leftover yarn!

Her instructions are presented one easy step at a time, with plenty of colorful photographs to guide you through to completion. These would make a wonderful gift for anyone, and would make a fun knitting project to do with your kids.

The more different colors you use, the bolder the effect, so this makes it a perfect idea to use your leftover yarn scraps. DIY Instructions and Project Credit — lovethebluebird Finger puppets There is no tutorial on this site, but there are a lot of sweet ideas for making little creatures out of leftover yarn, including some absolutely adorable finger puppets!

Follow the link to the Retrobaby blog to see the before and after images for this wall clock. The instructions are incredibly fast and simple. I really like the one in the lower right. DIY Instructions and Project Credit — h acraftyhouse Now you have no excuse to throw away your leftover bits of yarn, but no excuse to let them pile up in your craft room and make a mess either!

What a cool idea! And when they are not in use, you can easily stack them one inside the other and store them. You can get very colorful with these balloons and come up with lots of cute and eye-catching combinations.

This is a fun way to transform an otherwise dull grey rock into an explosion of colorful fun! Make simple cable necklaces and bracelets Yarn can actually be a great material for jewelry, especially if you want to make something simple, eye-catching and sophisticated. The pattern is free.

Follow the link to the Retrobaby blog to see the before and after images for this wall clock. These could also make great tree ornaments if you made smaller versions and added hooks. Why a stirrup instead of a full foot liner? These can combine fabulously with other squares in different colors for a rainbow effect.

These are fast, easy projects, and any one of them would be approachable for a beginner. Plus, it probably makes it easier to put your boots on and still have enough room for your feet! This is a wonderful alternative!

Felting Projects

Seriously, if I had one of these, my keyboard would stay so much cleaner. This is a very cool design, would be easy even for a beginner, and can add a splash of much-needed brightness and warmth to an otherwise colorless wall.

50 Cute Projects to Make from Leftover Yarn – They Make Excellent Gifts, Too!

Even a small bouquet with just a few flowers would be lovely. They can brighten up any object and add a burst of color and pizzazz. These adorable sock yarn lanterns by Abigail Grasso are available as a free pattern over on Ravelry.

Call for proposals

Not only is it noisy, but it cuffs up floor.16 Ideas/Projects per page Use the Navigational buttons. Now you have no excuse to throw away your leftover bits of yarn, but no excuse to let them pile up in your craft room and make a mess either!

DIY 32 Awesome No-Knit DIY Yarn Projects. If you can cut and glue you can make fun and unexpected decor, accessories, and more. Call for proposals for /20 funding - Applications close at 5pm, Friday 30th November Please submit your project proposals by email to [email protected] If you have any questions or issues with submission, please email [email protected] or alternatively call the AWI Office on (02) The Wool Project eBook also includes extra, detailed information about the sheep breed and yarn chosen for each pattern, as well as beautiful original pencil sketches of each breed.

BUY COLLECTION ON RAVELRY. The Designs [ Range ] Range is a long, lightweight scarf with a. Felted wool is easy to handle, doesn’t fray, and is quite forgiving.

Felting Projects

Browse our collection of free sewing patterns that use felted wool, then start stitching! Wool can be transformed into felt using the techniques of needle felting and wet felting.

Here are over 20 ways to turn an old sweater into unique keepsakes, gifts, and toys.

Wool projects
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