Paragraph of a scene at a railway station

There were still 15 to 20 minutes for the train to arrive. Many taxis, cars, scooters, rickshaws and tongas were parked outside the waiting hall.

Passengers run to get their seats in train.

Short Essay on Railway Station

There was a great rush in and out. The scene there was very interesting.

Essay On A Scene At The Railway Station For School Students

There were some passengers in the refreshment room. Wind sprints shorter essays on abortion Wind sprints shorter essays on abortion causes of depression essay among us essays on identity. The scene and area of the railway station starts from the very front of the station where we come to board the train.

You went to the railway station to see off your aunt. The station staff retired to their rooms. The hawkers went to some other platforms.

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Other run up and down the platform to find a vacant seat. Everybody was looking towards the direction of the train.

He was going to Kolkata by the Kalka Mail. It looked as if it was a big fair. Others are sitting on the bare ground or on their own boxes or trunks.

It is accessible to both the rich and the poor.

A Railway Station Paragraph

Last Sunday, I had to go to Bareilly. There was a lot of noise, as everybody wanted to go into the compartment. The hawkers go to some other platform. Luckily, my friend got a comfortable seat in the second class compartment. Thus a rail station is a place of great noise.

There were some scenes of painful partings of parents seeing off their children going for distant destinations and some eager to met their nears and dears arriving after long time. There are restaurants, books stalls and stationary shops in it.

Short Paragraph on a Scene at a Railway Station

When the train arrives, the station becomes a noisy place. It took him at least 20 to 25 minutes as the queues of the ticket -seekers were very long.

An old man fell. But the pickpocket was caught red-handed and handed over to the police. It is a human museum or a fair of human faces. Suddenly we could see the train approaching.

The other people who were eager to get into the compartment, tried to get in. I sat on a bench and began to look idly here and there to kill time. Before the arrival of a train the points man gets them down.

The engine whistled and the train began to move. The buildings of a station are generally made of red bricks. Write a report in about words your impression of a railway station.

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He purchased a ticket for him. Members of the station staff are busy with their duties. The whole station staff was busy. I bought a ticket at the booking window and entered platform No. The waterman pace up down the platform with buckets full of water.Prepare a short report or paragraph on A Scene at the Railway Station.

This report is very important for the students of 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th classes. Paragraph on scene at railway station Indian Railways is a cheap and comfortable way to travel around the country, many people are traveling daily by rail. Therefore, there is always a.

The scene and aura of the railway station starts from the very front of the station where we come to board the train. There is a crowd in front of the station, there are taxi stands, scooter stands, and even rickshaw stands for passengers to take to move out of the station.

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Paragraph On Scene At A Railway Station ´╗┐Great white pillars guard the entrance to the railway which hold hand crafted iron gates, that have been there since the place has been built, now rusting under the attack from rain.

The railway station presents an interesting scene. There is a great rush at the booking windows. There is also a great rush of passengers at the inquiry office.

The coolies are seen sitting in a row. As soon as a train arrives, they rush towards it. Vendors shout their wares at the top of their.

Paragraph of a scene at a railway station
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