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It fluctuates in accordance with his likings and aversions, conscious or unconscious, with his ambitions, his own interests and those of the people he represented.

Thus, in objecting to the timber trade, to massive investments in transportation, which was undergoing a total upheaval, and to banks, he had the feeling that he was working against those responsible for the economic bondage of the French Canadians, and he believed also that he was doing away with a developing aristocracy.

Rumilly, Papineau Paris, Seen in this perspective, his political liberalism and his adherence Louis joseph papineau essay democratic ideology raise similar questions, for it seems difficult to reconcile fundamental conservatism and doctrinaire liberalism. His policy resulted in the rebellion ofthough he himself took no active part in the rebellion, and fled to the United States soon after the outbreak of hostilities.

The transition from the position of his grandfather, Joseph Papineau, a farmer and cooper, to his own status as a dignified seigneur could not be achieved without a painful psychological adjustment.

For the radical elements it constituted a virtual declaration of independence and the beginning of a trial of strength between them and the government.

It was for this cause that he would have willingly agreed to sacrifice his tranquillity and his happiness. It is obvious that, taken as a whole, this explanation does not stand up against a serious examination of the facts. More than two hundred Patriots and Upper Canadian rebels had died on the battlefield while others had been hanged or sent into exile.

Durham realized there was another, more serious problem, in the case of Lower Canada. It was against this eventuality that he fought. To stir up peoples, one must not rest content with debating purely abstract questions.

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There were also those who, for personal motives, rallied to the side in power. To solve the problem, Durham proposed to unite Upper and Lower Canada, as the English party had previously suggested.

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His attempt for reform through rebellion was unsuccessful however; it sparked the idea of rebellion of W. He became speaker of the House of Assembly in and was already known as the leader of the French Canadian party in its fight against the English-dominated government of Lower Canada.

Howe was deeply disappointed when the government refused to reform the colonial parliamentary system.

Louis-Joseph Papineau

One of his daughters was the mother of Henri Bourassanoted politician and publicist, and former director of Le Devoir. This nationalism was at first pledged to the defence of linguistic rights and traditional institutions, which were in no way liberal and democratic — quite the contrary.

Let our professional writers save your time. During the last part of his life, he devoted his time to his seigneury at Montebello. By refusing to interfere with the seigneurial system, he sanctioned the status and economic privileges of the clergy.

Rebellion in Upper Canada and Lower Canada also broke out after the Legislative Assembly elections were corrupted. In his mind, the good faith of Britain could not be called in question.

But in this domain he appears to have been surprisingly timid for an avowed liberal. His letters to his wife for the period —62 have been published in APQ Rapport, —55, —; —57, — Papineau continued to agitate during the s for various reform measures, including Assembly control of crown revenues and an elective legislative council.

Whether there are banks or not, there will not be one acre more farmed, or one acre less. It was recognized that there were principles conforming to the law of nations that could not be violated; that there was a population possessing laws, a religion, a language, customs, and institutions that must be preserved.

Towards the end of the 18th century certain groups, chiefly connected with trade, began to define political and social power in terms of economic criteria.

The Rebellions Of Upper And Lower Canada Essay

The truth is less obvious and more complex: He first decided to become a notary, then, modifying his choice, he opted for the profession of lawyer. For him the family environment was one of affection and security, a refuge if need be from a hostile society.

In the circumstances, I see no question more calculated to lead to this end than the abolition of seigneurial rights. Similarities[ edit ] The constitutions of Upper and Lower Canada differed greatly, but shared a basis on the principle of " mixed monarchy "—a balance of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy.

For such people emigration leaves no true cause for regrets. Their mission had relatively little effect on the course of events in England, where the government, in the face of the energetic opposition of certain members of the House of Commons, deemed it wise not to reintroduce the bill, but they nevertheless had the credit for the decision.In this respect, Durham seemed to agree with the reformists Louis-Joseph Papineau, of Lower Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie, of Upper Canada and Joseph Howe, in Nova Scotia.

Durham realized there was another, more serious problem, in the case of Lower Canada. Louis-Joseph Papineau (October 7, – September 23, ), born in Montreal, Quebec, was a politician, lawyer, and the landlord of the seigneurie de la Petite-Nation.

He was the leader of the reformist Patriote movement before the Lower Canada Rebellion of –Born: October 7,Montreal, Province of Quebec.

The achievement of Responsible Government and the return of Louis-Joseph Papineau, the radical leader of the Rebellion ofto Canada, had led to a dislocation of the French Canadian Block. The result was a political realignment in the province and the creation of two new political parties: the Parti bleu and the Parti rouge.

Papineau, Louis Joseph (), rebel, was born in Montreal on October 7,the son of Joseph Papineau and Rosalie Cherrier. He was educated at the Quebec Seminary, and was called to the bar of Lower Canada in The Rebellions Of Upper And Lower Canada Essay.

The Rebellions of began after Papineau’s rights were denied by the governor to 92 resolutions of reform - The Rebellions Of Upper And Lower Canada Essay introduction.

Rebellions of 1837–1838

Papineau had thought it was important that the people of Lower Canada should have a more suitable government, rather than the small oligarchy. Jan 08,  · Louis-Joseph Papineau was born in Montreal in His father made money as a notary and in business; inhe purchased a seigneury from the seminary of Quebec.

In this way, the family rose to become part of what was called by Lafontaine the " family compact.".

Louis joseph papineau essay
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