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Creeds and the various Reformation confessions and catechisms provide summaries of the faith and bring clarity to the faith and to the gospel. During the council, Nestorius defended his position by arguing there must be two persons of Christ, one human, the other divine, and Mary had given birth only to a human, hence could not be called the Theotokos, i.

Perhaps this statement could Christology essay to identify fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and to solidify common endeavors for the gospel.

Having produced this favourable disposition of mind, Jesus Christ proceeds to qualify, Christology essay finally to abrogate, the system of the Jewish law.

An established religion turns to deathlike apathy the sublimest ebullitions of most exalted genius, and the spirit-stirring truths of a mind inflamed with the desire of benefiting mankind.

There was testimony of His resurrection, but Thomas doubted. You ought to love all mankind; nay, every individual of mankind. They believed, affirmed, and maintained the sacred truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The universality and unity of God, the omnipotence of the mind of man, the equality of human beings and the duty of internal purity, is either asserted by Pythagoras, Plato, Diogenes, Zeno, and their followers, or may be directly inferred from their assertions.

Of the five, the essay which I agreed with most completely was by Rebecca Pentz. They are so little aware of the inestimable benefits of mutual love as to indulge, without thought, and almost without motive, in the worst excesses of selfishness and malice. Rousseau has vindicated this opinion with all the eloquence of sincere and earnest faith; and is, perhaps, the philosopher among the moderns who, in the structure of his feelings and understanding resembles most nearly the mysterious sage of Judea.

Men, from whom these things were withheld by their condition, began again to gaze with stupid envy on pernicious splendour; and, by desiring the false greatness of another's state, to sacrifice the intrinsic dignity of their own. Nor do his doctrines practically assume any proposition which they theoretically deny.

He has power over sin and disease Matt. Where indefiniteness ends, idolatry and anthropomorphism begin. We die, says Jesus Christ; and, when we awaken from the languor of disease, the glories and the happiness of Paradise are around us.

The crucifixion of Jesus is treated as an historical event, one committed upon His human body that has had a dramatic effect on the minds and hearts of all believers.

They were undoubtedly the companions of his childish years, the food and nutriment and materials of his youthful meditations. Yet, these creeds only hint at the work of Christ.


As the twenty-six articles expand on the various lines of the statement, so the articles themselves can lead into deeper biblical teaching on Christ.

They have cultivated these meaner wants to so great an excess as to judge nothing so valuable or desirable [as] what relates to their gratification.

Others simply focus on the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ Cunningham ; others are exploring His life and work on earth Imbelli. Jesus cannot be placed in a category. The doctrines of Jesus Christ have scarcely the smallest resemblance to the Jewish law: Sometimes it is difficult to discern where there may be healthy partnerships and associations.

Jesus without divinity is a mere man in his sin trying to save other hopeless sinners. Later and more correct observations have instructed us that uncivilized man is the most pernicious and miserable of beings, and that the violence and injustice, which are the genuine indications of real inequality, obtain in the society of these beings without palliation.

Since the incarnation, Christ has been and ever will be two natures in one person. All evil and pain have ceased for ever. The advocates of literal interpretation have been the most efficacious enemies of those doctrines whose nature they profess to venerate.

The three offices of prophet, priest, and king were separate mediatorial roles in the Old Testament.

The universal Harmony, or Reason, which makes your passive frame of thought its dwelling, in proportion to the purity and majesty of its nature will instruct you, if ye are willing to attain that exalted condition, in what manner to possess all the objects necessary for your material subsistence.

These writers our only guides impute sentiments to Jesus Christ which flatly contradict each other. Religion term papers Disclaimer: Much of the church in the modern Western world has enjoyed religious freedom. Pentz makes a good point as she ways that authority can be used for someone, with someone, or against someone.

I know that I will never face anything that my Lord has not already faced and defeated. Not only Jesus Christ, but the most eminent professors of every sect of philosophy, have reasoned against this futile superstition. It is important to observe that the author of the Christian system had a conception widely differing from the gross imaginations of the vulgar relatively to the ruling Power of the universe.

These are the idle dreams of the visionary, or the pernicious representations of impostors, who have fabricated from the very materials of wisdom a cloak for their own dwarfish or imbecile conceptions.Christology Essay Short Essay on Christology Christology in its most basic definition means the study of Christ.

Christology focuses on Jesus’ nature and the person he was, as well as the details of his life and teachings.

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It also focuses on the relationship between Christ and. Short Essay on Christology THEO Short Essay # 2 Short Essay on Christology Jesus was both a human being and God. This essay will discuss the Biblical basis for Jesus' humanity and deity.

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Jesus was both a human being and God. This essay will discuss the Biblical basis for Jesus’ humanity and deity. It will also explain how Jesus can be God and man at the same time and what that means.

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