Children and young persons development essay

Some of these circumstances could be due to a family break up, introduction of a new partner, bereavement, illness, moving house or changing country. You should take the above steps so that any issues can be detected early and a solution can be found.

Fine motor skills — picks up small objects, feed self.

Child And Young Person Development Essay Sample

Gradually baby will start to lift its head and gradual movements of the arms and legs become smoother. The grasp reflex is decreased as the hand-eye coordination develops. Providing positive methods of support can also prevent disruptive or acting-out behaviour, provide a settled learning environment for all children, reduce stress for staff, reduce exclusions and build positive and productive relationships which impact on learning and development.

If a child is poorly on a regular basis they are likely to fall behind in their developing their skills. They will learn to balance when hopping, skipping and playing with balls. The child learns that the feelings they are experiencing are bearable and can be managed. Fine motor skills — hold and use a pencil.

Starts to become independent, eg wants to do things by self. Some children may come to school without any prior education. Their development will grow if there are libraries, parks, community centres for sport and other activities.

Also is a child is from a low income family they may not have the correct diet and nutrition to help them to grow. This in turn helps them to understand the different backgrounds which further assist to accept and respect their peers. Families in the higher social classes tend to live in more expensive housing areas with good facilities for travel and education and the child has more choices available.

Less concentration is required allowing children to talk as they use their hands Increased coordination and perceptual skills.

Kinds of influences that affect children and young persons’ development including

Siblings and other children can stimulate development as the child studies have shown that children usually learn through and imitate other children around them, and this can install a healthy sense of competitiveness.

The children and young people come across may have a number of health issues or disabilities. Boys will continue to grow until their mid twenties. A hindrance may be cultural differences in education as well as language.

Children and young people, as a result of poverty, may be subjected to care givers or parents who may be substance abusers due to depression often due to having a poor income or lack thereof because of unemployment. In general, child development progresses: These can be long or short term transitions.

Piaget described this stage from birth to approximately 2 years as a period of rapid cognitive growth. Enjoys company of other children. It is important for the school to be aware so that they can provide the correct support needed by the pupil.

I may be asked to record my concerns In-case actions are needed to be taken later. Forming own opinions and views.Children/young people from less advantaged backgrounds who live in poverty can have their development seriously compromised.

They are less likely to have educational support from parents/carers which in turn creates intellectual problems for the child/young person. Development of Children and Young People: The development of children and young people is significantly affected by speech, language, and communication needs.

These needs have a profound and long-term impact that varies depending on the severity of the problem, the kind of support the child receives, the confidence of the person, and the. Child and Young Person's Development Essay - Part 2.

There is an expected pattern of development of children and young people from birth through to 19 years - Child and Young Person's Development Essay introduction. There are different aspects of child development, each child is unique and will develop in their own way and different rates, and this is a holistic process.

TDA Child and young person development From birth through adulthood children continually grow, develop, and learn. A child's development can be measured through social, emotional, intellectual, physical and language developmental milestone.

Child And Young Person Development Essay Sample Explain how different types of transitions can affect children and young people’s development. Transitions are the movements, passages or changes from one position, state, stage, subject or concept to another.

Child and young persons development

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Children and young persons development essay
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